For the last four days, Delhi is under the grip of biting cold.  Today by the time of writing this post which is mid-afternoon 2 pm, the temperature is chilling at 16° C.

Normal life in Delhi is out of sync for the last four days as day temperatures fell suddenly. I stopped going to my office on auto rickshaw and using the Delhi Metro instead for commute.

The severe cold has torn apart normalcy in Delhi and made work life more drowsy.  No doubt that I am quite enjoying the warmth of underground metro station  near to my work point. Mother Earth is so great that its lap is always warm.  Perhaps due to this, the passing stream beneath  a river or tank is always warm even in winters,  compare to our stored water tanks.

My aim of writing these lines is simply not to share my encounters with the changing weather, but doing a bit  in helping the  less privileged take advantage of  Night Shelter Homes sponsored by Delhi Government  at 222 locations in 11 districts covering the length and breadth of Delhi.  

The Delhi Government has a dedicated website called Delhi Urban Shelter Improvement Board which has detailed locations of shelter homes with name of contact persons and their mobile numbers.  My earnest request to all those who  read this post is to propagate the existence of such Night Shelter Homes in Delhi and help the needy, especially the floating population  who come to Delhi  for employment but difficult to find shelter in this severe winter.   So it is the responsibility of every Delhite to liberally share the details of   these shelter homes in Delhi  with all  their near and dear ones living in Delhi and  make efforts to advise the deserving  to shift there to save themselves from biting cold. Those who want to donate blankets and  other material may contact the contact-persons of shelter homes in  the following website : 

Click here to go to website :

Of course Service to man to service to God !

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