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Monday, December 08, 2014


Ever since, I started blogging, one trait I earned is paying attention literally to everything I do.  The goal is obvious : To get the stuff   for my blog posts. Here, no commercial interests that dictate my desire, but simply to share stories from my lens/view point.

I have no hesitation to say that I share the same vision like Google Founders Larry Page and Sergy Brin where the information should power each individual on this planet.  This motto is the  prime driver  when I first mooted the idea to start a blog and KNOWEB, the acronym for Knowledge Web is born out of this noble mission  more than three and half years ago.   The  "O" in KNOWEB symbolizes our Planet Earth and I strongly believe that   one day internet penetrates to every living habitat on the Earth.

The inspiration to make effective this blog more attractive  now comes  from a roadside eatery. The other day, while I was shopping with family in the upmarket Lajpat Nagar in New Delhi, this Momos wala's billboard caught my attention.  It has a catchy slogan  "Yeh Dil Maange Mor'' that triggered  an idea to find  ways to drive more traffic for my blog. The strategy I want to adopt is to choose a straight route : Give Information that gives value to the end user - Netizen. 

The business acumen of this momos wala is surely an envy to  a business graduate ! 

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