There was a time when it used to take so much time for getting updated with latest developments in the field  of science.  Scientific journals are the only source for getting the crucial information for common man.  But this decade has changed that trend.

Now, you can instantly update information in various categories in Google News which grabs the feeds from various websites.  But science news is selective and it may not give update fully.   If you want to update yourself  with latest inputs in the field of science, America's topmost research agency, NASA is the best bet.

The mobile App of NASA is the hottest in the app world.  This free app provides mine of  information on  latest science in various categories like NASA's Mission information, International Space Station, NASA TV etc.

International Space Station is an interesting section.  It is a  research platform orbiting Earth above 350 km.  This project in  partnership of 16 countries is doing research in micro-gravity environment where astronauts stay 24x7 and explore not only Earth but other planets and Solar System. The Image section is a scintillating experience. 

Our text books are outdated when it comes latest facts & figures in the field of science.  For e.g. new facts are emerging day by day about Sun, Earth and other Planets.  Therefore, we need to update ourselves with the latest information on this cutting edge field.

When you download NASA Android app, it gives a mind-blowing information on science.  This data-intensified app is rich with latest updates on scientific facts you want to know.  It has 'Featured' Section where you can get latest on Sun, Solar System, Earth, Moon and what not.

It is a wonderful app one must install on Android powered mobile/tablet.  But when you are accessible to desktop computer, better to view NASA website instead as the experience of NASA website is on different footing.  You can watch live updates on NASA Live TV and even see astronauts in  live from International Space Station (ISS).

I think the common man can't imagine to see Earth physically from ISS and watching it live from NASA website/ app would somewhat offset his curiosity.

So it is time to install NASA Android app from here 

If you are watching this post from desktop, visit NASA website from the below link:

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