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Referring  dictionary is a good habit.  It would build up your vocabulary.  So whenever you find a difficult word, make it a habit to refer to dictionary thereby your vocabulary improves.  It should be a life-long ritual.

But in this digital era, referring to hard copy dictionary is rather monstrous.  You must take the aid of technology and this free soft-dictionary is a boon for your desktop as other  dictionary softwares  come for a price.

I find, word-web dictionary the best  free dictionary software which caters all your vocabulary needs.  It is a must software to install on your computer. When the word power is built on daily basis, your power of expression becomes richer.

 If you want to be inspired to fine-tune your English speaking and writing abilities, please read my article 'Word Power to World Power' here .

When it comes to Word Web Dictionary, download from the below link to your desktop :,1.html

If you want the same  for your mobile client,  you can download this free app from Google Play Store.

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