Most of folks in India may not know him but in America if you ask anyone, he/she would  tell his success story.

He is a simple janitor (the guy standing in front of Gate in a big restaurant in cities).  But he rose to the pinnacle of success by  helping people in realizing their potential.

I read his much-acclaimed work ''Awaken the Giant within'' in 2005 which is an interesting discourse on 'personality development.  He offers so many interesting tips  and one should not have missed to read it.

The leading America's business magazine, Forbes  says that Tony Robbins is one of the 'Top 200 Business Gurus' in 2003 and reaching over 4 million people from 100 countries with his life and business mastery books, products and services.

His life is rags to riches with a net worth estimated at $480 million dollars.

Today, Robbins in an effort to help virtually everyone on the planet is offering a free version of above book in a recycled format called "Re-awaken the Giant Within''.  Download the book with the following link and enjoy reading it !

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