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Folder Lock App
Mobile phone or tablet computer now-a-days has become an extended organ.  It is so productive for on-the-go life.

The Android platform has countless free apps in Google Playstore.  One such app is Folder Lock which I recently installed in my Android phone.

Folder Lock with  nice interface is a great app which I have been looking for some time.  It is a perfect app to save your private videos, photos and highly sensitive data files.  Once you download and install it, it creates a dormant folder either on your phone memory or memory card to save all the stuff.

The app facilitates with a password and you need to key in password every time to open the stuff inside folder lock.  At the time of installation, you are asked to provide your personal email address which will be used to send unlock code in case you forget your password.

The developers mention the following features for the app :

• Protect private photos
• Hide sensitive videos and pictures
• Password-protect secret audio
• Lock down important documents
• Write secure notes
• Record voice recordings and memos secretly
• Import Saved Contacts
• Create Contact Groups
• Secret Contacts Group multiple SMS

One word of caution: Don't put ATM or internet bank IDs/passwords in these folders.  It is better to memorize them in mind than reducing them to writing. 

If you are reading this post from your Android mobile/tablet, you can directly download the app from the below mentioned link : 

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