Above is my all time favourite Raj Kapoor Song

Sometimes, I forget to pray but not  browse the internet.  Google is the presiding deity of internet and you can say, it is its daily face.  When I opened browser on my mobile today morning, Raj Kapoor was shown on Google's Logo indicating  his 90th birthday.

My deep apologies to the late actor  for paying  tribute at this late evening.  But ignoring the occasion is more a crime than paying a late tribute. You must be convinced that I  was preoccupied full day  to make  some SEO recommended changes in all my three blogs (this blog and Wisdom Everest  &  Knoweb.in ) and  the day drifted away in seconds up till now.

Raj Kapoor  is such a great  actor and  a marvellous  director who has the knack of showing the beauty of the woman without vulgarity.  

I heard some years back through a friend that Russians during 1950s  know  only two Indians, one Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru and other is Raj Kapoor.  He has such a beautiful melodies to his credit and enjoying such lovely music  lifts the soul.

Hats off to this Emperor of Entertainment !

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