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Monday, December 29, 2014


NCRB Website header

Crime records give a lot of insights for law & order scenario in the country.  The crime-related statistics are an important tool for writers, bloggers or freelancers when they write issues on society or crime-related issues.

National Crime Records Bureau is the attached office of Ministry of  Home Affairs, Government of India. It has 762 server based computer systems at every District Crime Records Bureau and State Crime Records Bureau, across the country to maintain a national level database of crimes, criminals and property related crime in India.

The website has dedicated section 'Downloads' from which you can download the important statistics of your interest.   Apart from that it has "Crime in India in 2013 where you can download the content for reference.

Those whose websites/ blogs  dwell on society, societal trends, it is a rich source of information on crime statistics.

Click below to visit NCRB website:

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