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Sunday, December 21, 2014


A successful blogger is a celebrity these days.  I find two Agrawals that are ruling the Indian blogging world.  One is Harsh Agrawal whose blog   is pegged at 283 as per Alexa India rank  and Amit Agarwal's Digital Inspiration is at 530 (as on 21.12.2014).

Both are technology bloggers that give them handsome income with exuberant joy in  their personal lives.  Moreover, blogging is a one-man Army.  You could take a full control of what to do on  day to day basis.  A good net worker with addictive levels of reading and writing hobbies could turn into a successful blogger.  The technical part of any successful blog is taken care of by expert advice.  But the content should be unique and should show your signature style that should pull  the crowds.

This 2010 Amit's video triggers loads of inspiration to me and would draw a path for  a debutant blogger.

Harsh & Amit's blogging success gives  one sagely wisdom: There is no shortcut to success.  When passion rules your daily life, success is bound to embrace you !

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