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Sunday, November 16, 2014


Image result for techieI am a technology enthusiast and adopt to  new technologies to enrich the day-to-day living is my zing.

Newspapers are buzzing with tech news these days.  The success stories of some of those techies who hit the headlines, are very inspiring. One surprising thing is that these techies are guys of below twenty but have a lot of exposure to internet and computers.  Internet mastered them in this art thereby opened new  revenue streams.

Take the case of this boy.  Eight year old Reuben Paul gave a key-note address on the second day of a summit on cyber security held in New Delhi on Friday    (14.11.2014).  This child prodigy can give tips about how Internet users can protect their content from hackers.  

Another child prodigy much above the age of Reuben is  Arjun.  At 14,  Arjun is one of the youngest CEOs in India.  His company LateraLogics develops mobile apps to make everyday life simple.  He intends to make his company bigger than Google. This wiz kid Arjun has just received ' National Child Award' for Exceptional Achievement from President Pranab Mukherjee.

 Another engineering student glittering these days is  Imran Uddin (21 years) , founder of Alltechbuzz.Net from Andhra Pradesh offering SEO Consultancy with over 100  blogs/websites. Imran  made the magic by driving  8 million Pageviews to his website in the month of May, 2014 and you can read his  story  at his website.

Computers and Internet opened so many avenues for creativity and revenue generation at the comforts of  home desk. 

When I see these tech-giants, I forget my age and their youthful energy fills my veins !

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