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Friday, November 28, 2014


My previous post depicted my agony of not getting help when I shifted  to  custom domain.  In fact I wrote the story to lighten my heart for the emotional turmoil I faced mentally for a blog which I developed from scratch but it vanished in my own hands.

The blog is not simply my outer face to the world but my living room for the writer inside me.

The motive behind writing  this  behind scenes story  is to say how  difficult for a computer illiterate in doing such technical things as known experts want to do it  for a price.
The fury that made me to write earlier post is to give a word of caution for nascent bloggers like me.
But some times, in life, help comes from unexpected quarters.  A buddy who is also a prolific blogger named Mr. Alok Vats has come to my rescue with his insightful article to handle the technical issues like changing CNAME files and A records in  my domain registrar's site.  I analyzed my mistakes and found that I  did not add A records and only changed CNAME files.

Earlier when I persistently failed to open my blog in the custom domain for nearly 36 hours I fired up my domain registrar's helpline people.  But with the help that came to my way,  I managed to tide over the situation.

Now, I did all technical steps to host a custom domain  which is now active at  <u></u> 

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