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Monday, November 24, 2014



There is an adage that nothing is outside the domain of a poet.  It is only the context that channelizes his creative juices. I think the same is  equally true for  a blogger.

When I see the top bloggers in  tech genre,  my heart prompts  to  advise them to take a holiday for a while  and write  a different post for novelty. I know that  they feel it as a bad idea, but I swear it not !

The other day when I completed 186 articles in  this blog which was started more than 3 years ago,    I felt  dried up to churn out new stories.

The problem is  I can't sit empty-handed without writing.   But what to write ?

Immediately I found an answer in railway stations.  The context came handy as one of my close friends was about to  catch a train and I went  along with him to railway station to see him off.

In fact, the railway station and train symbolise our  own journey of life.  The railway station is like a world around us and the train is like
ourselves.   We started our journey  at one point  and  must terminate at other end.

Whenever, I visit railway stations, I come back productively and I get  insight to write new stories. In my childhood days, whenever I feel free I use to visit nearest railway station which cheers up my mood  dreaming  that one day I would take my journey on train and see the whole world.

Much after childhood years, when I entered into service,   my charm for railway station and train  did not diminish and I continue to enjoy them.   Apart from immeasurable happiness,  I use to get very good books in railway stations.  Many of  my treasure trove were bought from railway station stalls only.   If you want to know the hot books in the book world, instead of going to a book store, better to go to  the nearest railway station and you  come to know the pulse of public.

Some times,  my visit to railway stations brings out the pent up emotions  like the  last visit  when my eyes welled up with emotion after seeing the agony of distressed parents of  a mentally challenged  child when she fell flat on the platform.

Whether you are in sad or happy mood,  life doesn't stops like a passing train  in the middle of its journey!

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