The other day when I met my friend and tried to show him my blog on his computer, I got jitters.  His  computer was found dead slow.  When I asked him whether he knows the ritual to keep his computer fast, he put a blank face.  Then I realized that  majority of folks are not adequately  computer literates.   Though, they know the basic computing  and browsing, beyond that either they are not aware of it or don't show interest  to figure out the problem.  They think that it is the look out of computer mechanic/ technician.

But, it is the look out of every computer user.  Sooner the tricks are known, better it would be .
Here is the solution :

Temporary Files :

Go to your local drive i.e. C:\ and select 'windows folder' . Then open the folder called 'Temp' and click on it and select all the files in that folder and delete them.  Thereafter, delete such files from ' Recycle Bin  as well.

 Unnecessary Start ups :

Click 'Start Button' on left side of your desktop and type 'msconfig' and put your 'mouse' on 'start up' tab and then click. A window would be opened with programmes being loaded at the start of computer.  Deselect those programmes you don't want to be loaded at the start up.

Disk Clean up : Go to 'Start Button' and type  'Disk cleanup. Select  Drive C:\ and press 'ok'.  It removes unwanted temporary files on the drive.

Disk Defragmenter : Go to 'Start Button' and type 'disk defragmenter'. Select Drive 'C:\ and it stacks all programme files properly and manage the disk space.

The above steps boost up your 'system' and your computer starts working with blazing speed.  Repeat the above exercise weekly or fortnightly once or whenever you feel that your system is slow !

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