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Thursday, November 06, 2014


 I am a blogger since March, 2011 and waging a lonely battle to claim my pie in the bloggers world.  From designing the logo to churning out articles, I burnt so much midnight oil to surpass the psychological barrier of writing more than a hundred articles.

In fact, it is a great learning experience. But keeping the moral high   amidst  frenetic daily grind of metro life is not as easy as told.  So many thoughts take a premature death before they turn into insightful articles.

But my resolve to excel in this art is going up day by day.  For a man of  mid-forties, you could say that time is running out for me.  Now, the writer's  priorities overshadow everything else.

I made this blogging platform my training ground to groom as writer.   Initially,  I could not get enough feedback nor encouragement from  peers/ acquaintances/ relations/ dear ones. There were countless instances where the   response is so mild or some times you could say zero.  To endure  such frustration, you need to have a soldier's spirit !

In fact my blog is my open diary / journal to vent my feelings.  It is a place where I gather my thoughts and translate into words.

Sharing is basic human instinct. The boon of technology called Internet has widened the scope for  'Sharing'.  No earlier generation is so blessed like ours.

Being a blogger means,  you are a content-generator.  It is a noble mission of adding webpages to the ever expanding magic called Internet.  But a blogger with his own resources can not get a wider reach unless  umbrella kind of community /organisation facilitates the connectivity amongst   individual bloggers.  In identifying potential in such community needs, marched ahead of others.

The service of is unparalleled  and their feedback and query handling mechanism  is marvelous.  They saved a writer from his death bed  : ) me who else ?

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