It was a pleasant winter afternoon in Delhi.   My mood was upbeat with the cool weather and Sun soaked body in the park where I sat with a book to  read poems of Subramania Bharati.

My mind was deeply pondering to write a  review on the book ' Selected Poems ' of Subramania Bharati, translated by Usha Rajagopalan.

But I aborted my reading session in the midst  due to some earthly work at home.  I was on my way to my home.  But this visual you are seeing above suddenly stirred me take a snap and write on it.  Why because, I couldn't ignore it.  The citizen journalist inside me was clamouring for action for such apathy.  More over, smartphone with camera and recording capabilities  could not keep me numb.

Three years ago, I wrote a post on the same context and literally no change  as street lights are still found  glowing at inappropriate time i.e.  even after broad day-light.
We are a country greatly appreciated by US's Time Magazine recently with a cover photo of our huge  success of Mar's Mission in its very first attempt.  Our scientists succeeded in developing technologies to  remotely control a Mar's Orbiter  from millions of kilometres.  Can't we develop everyday technologies to avoid the menace as depicted above ?

It is time to pause and think of  translating at least part of that technology to find solutions for everyday problems like  this where a sensor could detect the day-light and automatically cut- off power from a glowing  street light without human intervention.

After all, the wastage of electricity is happening this way which we could very well prevent it. 
Now the question that hunts me :When could we see light !

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