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Saturday, November 01, 2014


Until now, I only heard the word 'party animal' which means a person who enjoys going to parties and  drinking a lot of alcohol and behaving in a loud and wild way.

But you need to have Urban Dictionary to know the meaning of some latest words which were coined by some crazy souls.  These words symbolize the latest trends in the  behaviour in society.

Google is on such company in the world where you need to have separate dictionary to know the meaning of their vocabulary.  I experienced the same situation when I bought a book 'How Google Works - by Eric Schmidt & Jonathan Rosenberg' recently.  The book has a ' Glossary' part where some words invigorated for my blogger's mind  which are  given below:

Learning animals :  People who have the smarts to handle massive change and the character to love it:  They so enjoy learning that they aren't afraid of asking dumb questions or getting wrong answers.

Smart creative : A person who combines deep technical knowledge of his or her trade with intelligence, business savvy, and a host of creative qualities.

 Google is trendsetter in so many ways.  I think it is equally unique in coining new words to drive their employees creative.  Within a short span, the company made a huge progress and today it is a global technology leader with over  $55 billion in annual revenue and offices in more than forty countries.

I have yet to start  reading the book.   But the above two words  injected new enthusiasm into my system and hope it would help me to excel in  my professional life with 'out-of-box thinking.'

The cover flap of  book  'How Google Works' prompt you  to grab for immediate 'reading priority' .

If you want to take a glance of the book click here :

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