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Thursday, October 30, 2014


 History is  baffled with dates.

Perhaps the history lessons we learnt in our childhood might have obscured from our memory and now it is come back time for all grown-ups.   

India  is a land of rich culture and traditions.  It's civilization flourished when the western civilizations were in the nascent stage.  To know what India did in the past centuries, you need to revisit the history  which requires a simple history book with an interesting narrative.

With this frame of mind, I searched bookshops, Book Exhibitions, but could not find my choice book.  At last, my efforts paid a rich dividend when I got "Children's History of India'', written by Sheila Dhar.  It is a book published by Publications Division, Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Government of India, priced Rs.150/-  ISBN  978-81-230-1872-0

Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru in his Foreword to the book on 1st August, 1960  said that  ''I have looked through this little book and have liked it.   We lack good books on the history of India, more especially for children.  This book fills a vacuum and fills it well.  The language is easy and suited to young boys and girls.''

 Though, it was mentioned that this book is meant for children, I feel it is for elders as well.   The interesting part of the book is all dates were given at the end of the book for reference purpose.  The author says that the aim of the book is more to stimulate interest in the study of history than to present a comprehensive survey of facts.

The book is a lucid narrative of history of India  in a sequential way. It is a book you need to keep in your personal library to come back and forth whenever necessary ! 
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