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Friday, October 03, 2014


Cleanliness is next to godliness.

This year's Gandhi Jayanthi : 2nd October, 2014 is different from past years to the extent that India started cleanliness drive with a missionary zeal lead by Prime Minister Narendra Modi who himself held the broom stick to sweep the roads.

So, the 2nd October this year is not a holiday for government employees who went to their office premises and took pledge to contribute their part in keeping public places clutter -free.  This is really a radical step to change the value system of most of us who are not honest enough in maintaining cleanliness in public places.

Old habits die hard. The other day when I bought a book which was given to me  in polythene wrapper,  my hand almost went to throw the polythene waste  on  pavement,  but I paused and corrected my act by politely asking the shopkeeper to show me the dustbin.    This behavioral shift in every citizen  is the need of the hour to maintain  public places neat and clean.

Cleanliness is simply not sweeping roads to catch the  public eye.  It is more than that.  One newspaper rightly said that it is more than a mere broom job in office premises whether private or public.  The action plan the paper suggested is inspiring :

-  Classification and stacking of office records.
-  Files in computers to be organised.
-  Weeding out of old records.
-  Dusting of offices, removing cobwebs.
-  Checking overhead tanks for water stagnation
-  Removal of litter from office compound.

Cleanliness is one of the 13 virtues  to develop his character by United State's Founding Father Benjamin Franklin.  In his much acclaimed autobiography, Franklin numbers this trait at ten where he says that 'tolerate no uncleanliness in body, clothes, or  habitation. He is like Mahatma Gandhi to Americans. 

We use to observe so many Important Days through out the year.   The precedence to observe 2nd October every year as ' Cleanliness Day' makes it more meaningful to bring the required transformation and awareness in  the common man.

True to the spirit of Prime Minister's call,  I personally cleaned my house clocking more than 8 hours  on a holiday.  My children were also put on the ' Cleanliness Drive'  for  their room and book shelves.

Empty words don't inspire unless followed by personal exemplary action.   When it comes to cleanliness, I feel that we don't need any sermon to keep ourselves and our surroundings neat and clean.  It should be part of our life !
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