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A good book on a rainy day is happiness for me - Ruskin Bond

Sunday, October 26, 2014


 There is no other way to control a day than to wake up early in the morning.  It is one such non-negotiable activity that a writer should cultivate to embark a successful journey.

Honestly, I am not a  stickler to this virtue on daily basis.   But I find the quality of writing improves insanely a lot when I  write in the mornings.   As the mind would be like a clean slate in those serene hours,  great writing happens miraculously.  

After so many months of sloth,  I woke up early on this Sunday and the glorious winter morning took me into her bosom to spend an hour or two creatively.

In fact, the work that does not exhaust you but the monotony.   I feel a slump when I don't start  my day with some 'Reflective Writing'.  To make  the day dynamic, it is not the world outside that  needs to be changed, it is  'you'. 

After  sipping a cup of  hot coffee with  a biscuit,  followed by one minute prayer, yoga and meditation,  I sat down to begin my day.  When  I was about to open my 'Quotations Book' to savour some power quotes,  suddenly the corner table-top calender grabbed my attention.  It is the calender with daily power quotes of Swami Vivekananda which I stopped rolling daily with a  usual complaint: 'I don't have time'.   But  I know that is absurd.     Having felt guilt for a while, I rolled  the date card  to  26th October.  A beautiful  quote popped up  which slid me into reflection :

'This is the first lesson to learn; 
be determined not to curse anything outside, 
not to lay the blame upon anyone outside, 
but be a man stand up, lay the blame on yourself.  
You will find that is always true.  Get hold of yourself !

I tried to digest this truth into my veins.  

The agenda in front of me is to ' to share, share and share and widen my Knowledge Group through this forum. !  This urge is ballooning day by day and the articles are churned out effortlessly like never before.   

My intention  to share is noble and the purpose is  plausible.   

Too much worldly man can't cut much ice.   Even if he could succeed, it is only for short duration.

After certain age, physical growth stops and intellectual growth only matters and it differentiates  you from the crowd.  To grow in life means to grow spiritually.  Stephen R Covey said  that ' we are not human beings having a spiritual experience.  We are spiritual beings having a human experience. '  

If you plough the history,  you could witness  that great people  had come and gone with their foot prints in the sands of time.  Their wisdom is handed over to succeeding generations.   Derive benefit from this wisdom and  march  ahead  with your own foot prints. 

But feeling insignificant in this vastness of the universe is a self-inflicted curse and it is the beginning to your own end.  You have to make your own mark  on this planet in  your own life  time and  that adds sense to life !   
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