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Thursday, October 23, 2014


 A little while ago, when I surfed the  internet, I landed up to a blog called ''The one-minute Writer''.  The slogan  of  the blog mentioned that you have 1,440 minutes in a day  and use one of them to write.  

Very invigorating slogan for a soul which has no productivity for the last three days without any cogent reason.  May be, I am not getting sufficient triggers to write on any subject of my appetite.   But the blog 'The one-minute Writer'  pedaled me to write  at this late night  (1130 pm)  on Diwali day  - 23.10.2014.

Instead of going to sleep with  a zero output, I thought to share one important app that is available now as a free download  on Android platform.  It is Indian Railway's 'National Train  Enquiry System' with live feeds of trains arrival/departure.   It seems that all service/utility websites in India are creating apps considering the power of mobile telephony.  The information provided by NTES app is  very essential to all of us.

So, next time when your relations/ near & dear ones reach your town/ city,  don't need to go to railway station much in advance.    Check out this  app about the likely arrival of the  train to your nearest railway station and plan to move accordingly.  It would save your valuable time and energies.

 This is the power of  technology ! 

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