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Monday, October 13, 2014


 Computer or internet related tips are such that a layman can't find the solutions online as the way they explain is not understood by many.   More over, majority of people don’t  know to search those tips online.  So they bank upon the advice of experts or computer geeks.

 Whenever, I am asked any question related to tips pertaining to internet / computer,  I do the spade work on behalf of needy person which  not only give solution to his or her  problem, but instantly share those tips to larger community on my blog.

The question that was asked by one of my friends is : How to delete my Facebook account ?

 Steps involved :

 -   Login into your Facebook account by typing ID and Password.
-   Go to Settings in the drop-down  menu on the top extreme right-hand corner.
-   Select 'Security' on left side Menu.
-   Select ' Deactivate your account'  at the bottom.

Now your Facebook account has been deactivated !
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