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Friday, October 10, 2014


Ever since i-Pad/ mp3 player/ smartphone invaded our lives, we  almost lost in  touch with Radio.   

In my childhood days, Radio is the only   available entertainment  in our home.  It is an era of  80s in India when TV still not spread its wings. 

The large credit  for my collection of most of the melodies goes to radio.  

Occasionally, I feel sick of listening to my own collection of songs.  Then, one day, I gestured
my mouse in search of  a radio like application or website which could cater to my needs.    My effort paid dividends as it took me to a beautiful website's page where I got the opportunity to listen streaming music online in Telugu.  The beauty is that the songs are categorised and you could choose your own genre.    

So what you are waiting ?   Click here to go directly into the music world ! 

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