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Thursday, October 16, 2014


 India is now in digital mode for  observing each day  as some Special Day through out the year.  One thing certain  about  observing these Days is to send  the message  to the remotest corner using technology so that people would aware of it and respond in  a befitting manner.

Yesterday  had gone awry   as Global Handwashing Day which was observed  on 15th October, 2014. 

It was only  today (16th October, 2014) early morning  I came to know  when an email was received  from India's  then Health Minister  Dr. Harsh Vardhan.    The message has driven me to write  about  the  occasion.   The  gist of the mail  is about the basic health lesson  that  soap should be used for hand-washing after using the  restroom (toilet).   Though it lays more stress on children and schools,  in fact, the adults  equally need  awareness and compliance.

This is the occasion for introspection by everybody big or small.   The tendency of  munching  snacks on the road side without handwashing and  then cleaning  the hands with tissue paper should be desisted.    Hands must be washed with soap invariably.   Another good habit that can be nurtured on this occasion is  to keep a  "Hand Sanitizer' for handwash wherever you do not have availability of water and soap.  In fact, hand sanitizer kills 99.99% of germs without water.  It is easily available in medical shops/ provision stores.

A small change will definitely do wonders in personal hygiene. 

Observing these Days without bringing any quality changes is of no avail to you. It is the need of the hour that every educated person should stand as an example in personal hygiene and pledge to  increase the awareness of among illiterate populace which would  strengthen  the government's  efforts  for personal hygiene of every citizen in the country.

My best wishes  though belatedly,  to my fellow citizens on this occasion !

If you want to know more about what this Global Handwashing Day, please log on to :   

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