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Thursday, October 09, 2014


 There is nothing trivial for sharing.  A good friend of me in a recent post in Facebook said that :

A Cup that was already full,
cannot have more added to it; 
In order to receive more good
we must empty it 
by sharing it with others
regularly and consistently ..

So whatever, good I see,  my heart craves to share it instantly with others  so as to spread its  benefit.  The intention is noble for which  this Blog is rooted.

In this blogpost,   I would like to dwell on the the immense benefits of copper in daily life.  Though, we know its wide  usage in  electrical and electronics,  deriving health benefits  from copper is not wide-spread. 

Doctors say that copper contains antibacterial properties.   If you drink water from a copper vessel,  it would cleanse your system of various toxins.

I know its benefits since my childhood  when my mother used to give us water  only in the copper tumbler.  That habit was out of sync for some years  till  I get married  when my wife restarted and now we are not breaking the vow to drink a couple of glasses of water from the copper vessel in a day.  

In fact it is a good old Indian tradition to offer water in the copper tumbler which we replaced with a glass tumbler.    When  a tradition is  tested scientifically,  one should not abandon  it and  must kick start the habit  to derive the health benefits the metal offers !   
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