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A good book on a rainy day is happiness for me - Ruskin Bond

Saturday, September 27, 2014


The other day, on a sultry afternoon, I was out to  visit  book-store in the upmarket in South Delhi. The purpose was to spend 2 hour slot to keep myself abreast of latest books in the town especially in my favourite genre - Self Help, Brain Power, Health/ Fitness, Happiness.

When I entered into that basement book-store, I felt the aroma inside soul-lifting. The fragrance of fresh -print-books was enchanting. The air-conditioned bookshop did not tire my legs during my stay when I snaked through the shelfs, sometimes standing  to take a glance of couple of pages of books and some other times bending my back to take a quick look in the bottom racks. For a bibliophile like me, it is like a pilgrimage in the new town which I quite enjoyed.

It is one of the best bookshops I ever found in Delhi with a beautiful ambience. The book lovers instantly find the best-seller list, list of books of Booker Prize winners and Nobel laureates.

I gazed deep into the best sellers in non-fiction category. The book you are seeing in the photo is the one I selected to buy.

The Book 'The Happiness Project' by Gretchen Rubin is # 1 New York Times Bestseller in 2009. It is a reprint of 2011. One interesting fact about the book is that the author has spent twelve months test-driving the wisdom of the ages to know first-hand of how to be happier. The cover flap depicts that she found novelty and challenge are powerful sources of happiness.

Much before I saw the Rubin's book, I have already embarked my own journey of happiness in April, 2013 with a dedicated note book culling out great sayings of wisdom masters of past centuries including the sutras of contemporary masters. In fact, I scanned my personal library to note down the important points on 'Happiness'. 

In this internet and Google era, there is no much danger for copyright violations to cull out perennial wisdom which you find abundant in each culture. The main aphorisms of happiness are timeless and uniform across all cultures and a little inner-exploration gives anybody a hint of what it is. 

I use to read any book from back-end with acknowledgement of writer first. In the process, I read some stuff in the above book which was very interesting. As I flipped through the pages, suddenly my heart-beat stopped for a while when I found pages 125 - 126 of the book terribly torn leaving no hint to manage the contents. Much to my dismay, the succeeding pages 127 -128 also damaged partially leaving no words to describe my agony. 

I could not exchange the book as I wrote down my name with date of purchase.  The title  of the book suggested me not to react wildly. I stood silently to come to terms. I thought what best I could do to get over the situation is to subdue my negative emotions. Soon enough, I pat my shoulder that I should not loose my peace for the thing happened. 

After a while, the solution was seen round the corner. The Zen wisdom permeated my system and I convinced myself that I should not worry for the things which I could do nothing. But I desperately felt the need to vent my feelings , but how ? Suddenly I got a flash of insight. It is my blog where I pour out my heart regularly. It is a place where I speak candidly.

Writing these lines gave me the much needed relief. They acted like magic pills to sooth my raging nerves. I find that peace can not be either bought or brought from outside and it is well within me. What I need is only to give a command to my own self with love like a ring master does to a roaring lion in the circus ! 

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