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Tuesday, August 05, 2014


Everybody's life is an interesting piece of narrative.  The only thing required is, a story-teller to listen the story passionately.

If the story is dry without the blend of anecdotes, affirmations  of wisdom masters, nobody takes pains to lend an attentive ear.

I am a nascent writer, but a resolve to improve my craft.   I lend my ear to whatever the tips I get from whomsoever.

The important lesson I learnt recently to qualify as a writer is to be patient enough to listen to the others view point.   You need to look into talker's face to sense the emotional cues.  The lessons of empathy could be grasped once you make an eye contact with the person talking to you.  It is what Daniel Goleman calls Emotional Intelligence  which is much more essential than the traditional I.Q.

Once you are opened up on these lines, the world appears as a big playground. to churn your stories.  You must have energy enough to record these experiences  so as to unfold in a better prose order.

The craft of writing  is a painstaking job.  The writer  needs tremendous mental energies, high degree of solitude,  passionate eyes to catch the episodes of societal transactions.   A part of your mind needs to grab information and other part must analyse and carve out the insights.  The best prose  occurs only when the writer's personal insights are added contextually to the subject.  The lesson I learnt is strive to WRITE, WRITE AND WRITE.  It must be a daily ritual.

We can't say how a story unfolds.  Sometimes, a banner in a newspaper may trigger to write.  Some other times, the courageous act of a commoner and some other times, the efforts of a physically challenged person to win over life's constant battles.  These are really the unsung heroes who need to be brought to limelight to draw inspiration for what they have achieved.

The man climbing  the electric pole in this image is unusual in one sense.  Despite having only one limb, he is not lagging behind in competing for the post of Junior Lineman Electric like normal guys.  Annom Reddy Lova Reddy of Visakhapatnam District of Andhra Pradesh came out with flying colours in the test ahead of other competitors.

Few people will have  guts like  Reddy.  He belonged to Kandipudi village in Paikarao pet Mandal of Visakhapatnam district in Andhra Pradesh.  With his achievement, Lova Reddy became a overnight celebrity as he was captioned in a prominent Telugu Daily on 3rd August, 2014.  His story should be an eye-opener for people with sloth and blame others for their mediocrity.

The world is replete with examples of such physically challenged persons who have achieved more than what a normal man could do.

Sudha Chandran is an ordinary girl until her leg was removed by amputation when she met with an accident.  But that did not deter her from achieving her goal of becoming bharatnatyam dancer.  The rest is history.  People now know her as an accomplished Bharatnatyam dancer, film and television actor.  Her film career started with a fiery note in 1984 (after accident  and replacing with Jaipur leg)  with Telugu film "Mayuri'' which was later re-made in Hindi.

Those with disability,  whether at birth or  occurred later on , should  not feel sorry  but draw inspiration from those already achieved despite so many odds.  Take the case of celebrated physicist Stephen Hawking who is strewn with Motor Neuron disease but his mental abilities remain in tact and he proposed a theory  of  evolution of Universe which is a brilliant thesis.   Another tall personality is celebrated American writer Helen Keller who blossomed into creative writing, despite blind and deaf.  The famous English Author John Milton who become blind at the age of 43 went on to create his most famous epic, Paradise Lost.

The very perception  of disability has been changed over the years.  Now, nowhere it is written ''disabled or handicapped'.   It is replaced with ''Differently Abled''  which is apt and empowering to the affected person and remind of his/her other strengths to achieve more.

Respecting human potential is divine law and when we see such differently abled people who hit headlines, it conveys a message : Achieve something worthy in life !

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