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Friday, August 15, 2014


It was a glossy morning and I woke up a little early with high spirits to do something to improve my craft :Writing.  Out for a usual morning walk to get energized with the relaxed air hovering around the small park nearby my home.   My mind was searching for triggers to write something on the day - 15th August, 2014 :  India's Independence Day.

Suddenly my mobile phone beeped with a flash signalling receipt of an SMS.    Before I read it, the header hinted  that it is from PM Modi.  The Message : Greetings on Independence Day ! Let us pledge to do good deeds that benefit our Nation, fellow Indians & enhance the pride & prestige of our Tricolour.   Hope, like me, millions of other mobile users might have also  got the same SMS.   

When I read the SMS,  an unadulterated current of patriotism flowed into my system.   Instantly, I felt proud being Indian.   Suddenly, the park in which I was strolling appeared a little more pleasant and a story  weaved in my mind.

I feel that everybody should constantly try to bring out the best in them and when we demand much more than anybody ever expect from us, it would pull out all  the stops of our limitations.  

As the man is a domesticated animal,  a pruned behavior for larger good of group or society helps us to evolve as more enlightened being.

The public places are a harrowing experience when it comes to sanitation. Every day most of us silently endure this ordeal.    When this wave of thought gripped me, suddenly an empty polyethylene bag drifted from my legs.   When I gazed through the road, countless such polyethylene bags are liberally taking their flight on different sides posing serious threat  of choked  drainages especially  in this rainy season.

No doubt that Government agencies are doing their best to arrest the trend, but without  active public participation, nothing tangible could be done.   Small traders are serious violators for using this non-bio-degradable material and I am a hapless  victim in the vicious circle of trader - user.   It is a kind of behavioral deficiency by not thinking seriously.    Simply not this.  There is a laundry list of 'things we should have strived better ' .

Take the case of cleanliness of public toilets.   Except toilets in airports, in almost all other places, the plight can not be described in words.   Majority of educated/ working class don't bother to pour water when they use public toilets which I have seen on countless occasions.  This tendency needs an immediate introspection at individual level. It is diabolical to act in one way when somebody is watching and acting in some other way when not being monitored.   

We got  independence   from British after great struggle and  sacrifices of  countless people.  As a nation, we must prosper.  In order to do that the public conduct should be of highest order.  Inner integrity should  navigate our  conduct.   Sam Pitroda says that the Nation Building is an arduous task.   To be effective in that process,  the first thing should be to constantly remind ourselves of  responsibilities instead of clamoring for rights.

A reformist approach in personal conduct helps the administrators to maintain public order, more so public cleanliness which needs immediate attention.    Let us take a pledge on this occasion  on two counts :  (a) say 'No' to bio-non-degradable materials and (b) maintain sanitation in  public places with a little  behavioral change for a healthy society . Jai Hind !!  

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