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Wednesday, August 20, 2014


A recent post in Facebook  depicts  the fate of  Modern Man :  Touched Moon and neighbours unknown; High IQ but with less Emotions; and Good Knowledge and Less Wisdom.  

Is it the kind of progress we want to make ?

The rat race of  our lives  completely robs  us of our sensitivity and serenity of mind.  No time to feel the emotions nor  time for introspection / reflection of actions done,  but only for  accounting of finances  before we retire to sleep.  I doubt whether majority  of  us are really leading rich emotional lives.

When I read scriptures or any other spiritual text or great  philosophy books,  I find the man should have two essential qualities with him. :  Compassion and Gratitude.  When this twin qualities become our second skin,  the journey of life becomes fulfilled.

When  I grow up  and started earning  in 1990s,  my task on pay -day is to go to bus stand or railway station  to search for  needy and distressing people to  extend my assistance in the form of  some money  to express my gratitude to  Almighty who  has not given me that role to play.  Those acts of kindness give me serenity   and I go back to home happily feeling pride of my actions.

My heart naturally tilts towards poor, especially who do physical labour and sweat out to earn those needy bucks like daily labourer or rickshaw pullers who toil hard to  make both ends meet.   Whenever, I use their services, I do give some extra money over and above the bargained rate.  My heart inundates with a feeling of achievement when I see smile on their faces.

Whenever greed overpowers me, I visit places of   less-privileged who take alms at temples, busy market hubs etc.   Recently to grab some experience on such count,  I visited Old Delhi - Chandini Chowk.   The photo appearing in the post is taken  from my mobile phone.   When I see him, my heart melted with compassion.   I could imagine how much physical pain he must have been suffering.   

When I saw that physically distressing beggarly man, I remind myself of a Persian Proverb:  I weep because I have no shoe, until I saw a man who has no feet.   When this proverb resonates my mind,  I feel  blessed of my own condition.  

 Another incident that opened  my eyes is : One day when I was strolling in park nearby my home, suddenly, it came to my senses that I crushed the crawling insects on my  path.  Seeing  and counting the  the dead  insects, their staggering number ached my heart deeply. From that moment onwards, I keep  my eyes wide open  to allow my steps carefully to save those crawling creatures which are my flowers of worship to Almighty.

 Till  the man reaches forty, hormones hijack  him.  He starts  learning  to live life only once he crosses  that threshold age. The reason is that he gets the feeling of elapsing time. To show compassion and live with gratitude are not the qualities that he needs to borrow from books or others.  In fact, it is his  innate nature. The more he cultivates, the better man he becomes!.   

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