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Sunday, May 11, 2014


He is a lot to learn for amateur writers like me. Perhaps, he is a brand himself in literary circles. His intensity to live a life of all hues inspires anybody. He is one of the prolific writers of our times with subjects as diverse as God to gossip and religion to sex.

Khushwant Singh is the man who could turn anything into his story wittily with eye-catching narration. I became his instant fan after reading his book “Khushwantnama – The Lessons of My Life. It is a book of par excellence. This simple prose is a minefield of distilled wisdom and   one of the must read books. I equate this book with Marcus Aurelius’s classic : Meditations.

When the news of Khushwant Singh’s death broke on March 20, 2014, I felt an unexplained heaviness in my heart which reflects the bond he made with his writings. What I liked the most in him is his unadulterated honesty and put to pen whatever he feels in his heart.

You need to have tremendous guts the way Khushwant Singh writes. Most of his writings are blended with high dose of humour. Somebody in journalism circles terms his writings as ‘bullshit in art form’. He is an excellent conversationalist. Perhaps that won him more women friends which he equally enjoyed and transpired to the world candidly.

His words of wisdom resonate my mind all times. He is not a dirty man the way he accounts himself. He is like a crystal who can’t hide anything from himself.

He lived a fuller life with all his mental faculties in tact till the last moment. His last wish was also fulfilled : To die peacefully in sleep.

With utmost humility, I bid adieu to this grand old man who knocked out at 99, but taught a lesson to us : Live the life deliberately !
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