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Tuesday, March 04, 2014



In the era of burgeoning apps for ebook reading on smart phones and tablet computers, looking for a similar tool for desktop computers seems to be an alien concept.

But if you brush aside such notion for a while, there is no dispute in saying that the desktop computer is still the best computing experience in terms of ease and comfort on daily work needs.

With the existing PDF readers, there is an inherent problem to bookmark or highlight a portion of text due to which, every time you have to manually scroll down to the last read page to continue further, which is a horrifying experience. Further the interface is not reader-friendly which makes book reading on desktop computer a nightmare.

The arrival of Adobe’s Digital Editions 3.0 clears all the hurdles. It is a free download. Once you download this installer to your computer,  it would take care of your ebooks in its virtual library which is like your physical bookshelf.

The basic advantage of this ebook reader is, it instantly remembers your last read page which you could bookmark if needed. Apart from that, you could also highlight portions of text or add notes to the page you are reading.

With this software, you could effortlessly read ebooks in PDF or EPUB file extensions with real feel of reading a physical book. So, it’s time to unleash the power of e-reading.

Download directly from here :
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