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Wednesday, December 25, 2013


When I was looking for a topic to write  my 100th article, a piece of news came handy that my own State Andhra Pradesh was adjudged as Number One State for best governance  for 2013 by a reputed Indian English News Magazine - India Today.

The journey to Number One is not instantaneous.  In 2011, the State stood at almost at the bottom of the rung at 17th.  By 2012, it fared well by clinching 7th place.   What made  a miracle in 2013  in terms of governance is, Andhra Pradesh Government's relentless efforts in improving the law &  order situation.   A drastic reduction in  rape and kidnapping incidents in 2013 put the State in the top-notch.  Equally charming news is its exemplary  way  of dealing with Naxal menace.

No doubt that the Andhra Pradesh under Chief Ministership of  Kiran Kumar Reddy needs a big applaud for this huge achievement at a time when the State is on the verge of division into  Andhra and Telangana.   On the e-governance sphere  , the State has achieved much more than any State could boast of.  Around 225 public services were brought under ' Mee Seva'  - a single window web-based delivery system by which the citizens could benefit various government services online.

Andhra has a rich cultural heritage.  It is a land with its own dance form called : Kuchipudi.  The world's richest Hindu temple - Lord Balaji Temple -  is located   here at Tirupati.

Andhraites are known as liberals with negligible regional chauvinism.  P. V. Narasimha Rao who was  Prime Minister of India ( 1991 - 96) gave  the much needed leadership at a crucial time when the country was heading to bankruptcy in 1990s with  dwindling foreign exchange forcing the country  to barter it's gold  to get the dollars.

The origins of Andhraites can be traced back to Sanskrit writings  of 1000 B.C.   The earliest definite historical evidence of Andhraites dates only from the times of Mauryan dynasty- 3rd century B.C.

The mother-tongue of Andhraites - Telugu is the 3rd largest speaking language in India with 74 million population speaking it.  The Telugu films produced here are 3rd largest number after Hindi and Tamil cinema.

Irrespective of political party in power,  when development  becomes the  buzzword in governance, any State could  flourish like  Andhra Pradesh.  May all Andhraites strengthen the government’s  hands to make Andhra Pradesh the Best Governed State in the world map !  

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