Sharing is basic human instinct.

Whether you  are in happiness or sorrow, you wish to share your feelings with your peers, loved ones or more appropriately with like-minded people. Those genuine emotions should come succinctly through appropriate medium to go the message straight into their minds.

All the social networking sites offer today is the dire need of this important  emotion.

These social networking sites now start acting as binding glue for connecting people to exchange multi-media – text messages, photos, videos - cutting across the geographical barriers which was once a distant reality. In fact, internet brought this silent revolution in front of us.

Social networking sites in fact, refined our expression. There was a time when people were not that much vocal in their view point nor could spend enough time to air their views openly as their private talks with peers remain locked up in their environs. That is past and now the social networking sites created platforms to bring private gossip to life and helped people united. The topics that figure more in such social networking sites now act as barometer to gauge the public opinion.

There was a time when you could connect to internet only with your computers and laptops. But now the technology liberated us to connect to internet even  on the go with tablet computers and smartphones. Life in today’s times is more of digital and less organic.

Those who can’t reap the benefits of this powerful medium definitely would lag behind. Irrespective of age group, one needs to be tech-savvy to grab the opportunities the technology offers. There is no denying in saying that you will be obscured in digital life if you are not part of social networking bandwagon.

Mark Zuckerberg, the 29 year old iconic CEO of Facebook has a noble mission to have a connected world. This Harward dropout’s ambitious project to make world more open and connected is really inspiring.

Today only 2.7 billion people, a little more than one third of the world’s population have internet access. Facebook with its impressive 1.5 billion active monthly global users is a top-notch in social networking websites. India with its 82 million active monthly users need a much more aggressive approach to reap the benefits of on-line phenomena.

India’s educated populace are still not vocal on so many aspects of governance. One possible reason may be their devoting less time on public issues. But one needs to respond to the current issues of the day and should liberally share his/her views so that the inputs will help governments to restructure their policies. Now a post or a comment in Facebook is a new ammunition to common man’s arsenal. Call it democratizing of information!