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Thursday, July 11, 2013


You can’t blame the City which has a glorious past and historical significance since the days of Mahabharata.

But the gangrape incident of 16th December, 2012 in Delhi certainly gives a glimpse of underbelly of a rising metropolis. It is simply not a law and order issue but debilitating moral values especially in the younger class and the blame partly goes to technology.

When it comes to daily grind, Delhi is no different from other cities of world where everybody rush to their work from long distances and reach back  only at night irrespective of gender. The parents may not have time to monitor the activities of their children, especially at a cutting edge age group - teenage, an age where the teens want to experiment with everything they encounter in life. In fact, they do have enormous curiosity and inquisitive mind to grow not only  bodily but intellectually at a faster pace. Under these circumstances, if enough parental care is not taken , simply they fall into wrong hands and collapse their lives. By the time  parents realize this, considerable damage already happens.

Sunday, July 07, 2013


A lyric in my vernacular Telugu goes like this: "No use to have heaven in front of you, if you don't have liberty " It further says that ' there could be no merriment in doing things in your 60's which you were supposed to do in your 20's'

The highest goal of human existence is perpetual bliss which Hindus fondly call  'moksha'. Why we call it as a supreme goal is, because of our entanglement with daily affairs which leaves no space to think other than material comforts of life. Only few are blessed enough to have zeal and think beyond petty survival.

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