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Saturday, January 19, 2013


The Delhi gang rape incident brought so many chilling facts to limelight. It is simply not an isolated heinous crime occurred in a  city.

The manner in which the girl was mercilessly thrown out naked after rape from a moving bus in the heart of city roads on that shivering winter night - 16th December, 2012 - sent jitters across the country .

The incident mirrors our distressing times where everybody is trying to stress more of governmental action.

We are in fact living in a fear-centered society and view our immediate neighbor as potential enemy. Our response to extend help to fellow beings is calculated, based on so many metrics, because we act fear as a center and trust as a periphery.

The unanswered questions in the gang rape episode are : Why the passers-by did not stop to help the victim when she was lying in a pool of blood on the road nakedly on that dreadful winter night ? Why the response time of law enforcement agencies is tardy ?

Had it been occurred in an isolated corner of the country, perhaps the issue would have not raised the conscience of Young India who like never before, expressed their solidarity through candlelight vigils and mass agitation programmes across cities/towns/ villages.

It is palpable that the death of rape victim slid her family into deep agony but the family of that girl must digest the enduring ordeal.

The young educated class armed with strong networking skills are revolting against the Establishment like never before. That's why the Angry Indian became the News-maker of year 2012 by a reputed Indian news magazine.

In the first place, why such incidents of rape and molestation occur ? What motive drives man to indulge in such nasty act ? Noted spiritual guru of India Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev in response to Delhi rape incident says that the inherent problem lies in man treating woman as a commodity rather a soul-mate. He further says that woman is simply not a sum of body parts. This idea needs to be diluted and a consistent value system should be developed based on morality and ethical values which result into societal transformation.

When raw emotions take over the mind, sensible action can’t be expected. The placard of one agitator says " My dress is not a yes'. Her words make no sense at all. If a girl/ woman wears a skimpy attire, then there is every likelihood of brewing troubles from male predators. So the attire she wears matters a lot.

It was  shocking to note how some men in a recent protest march against rape incident in Delhi groped women in a crowd. One analyst opines that the cities have no recreational spaces for young men. I feel that reading habits among educated young are abysmally low and majority of them are solely relying on filmy kind of entertainment where they hum songs of Salman Khan ' Character dheela hai'.

The free flow of information and personalization of internet have opened the floodgates of fantasy. Now a days, it is not a big deal to get sexually explicit material from the Web where it is freely available and law enforcement agencies could not do anything to prevent it.

Majority of newspapers which wrote tomes on Delhi Gang-rape incident on front pages are silently pushing their semi-nude photos in steamy advertisements on back-pages which further corrupt the young minds.

Simply shedding crocodile tears will not salvage the situation. The conduct of children in adolescence must be kept under scanner by parents before the situation slips out of control. Equally the law enforcement  agencies should be swift to bring the culprits to justice. When the problem of this kind is not resolved with iron fist within family environment, it will continue to rise its ugly head.

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