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Thursday, January 03, 2013


Recently I had my fingers burnt when I bought a book from local store whose price was shockingly high when I compared the price with the online bookstores.

It spin my head and alerted my future course of action on book purchases.

I realized that ordering books online is not only hassle free, but cost effective. Further more, it reaches my doorstep instantly, saving money on transport and valuable time, thanks to the boon of technology.

However, the moot point is, could we completely ignore a visit to local book store ? The answer is  big No.  There is no dispute in saying that purchasing a book needs a cursory glance of its contents to gauge our requirement, instead of being deceived by its title, especially in self-help category.

However, when you visit most of Indian online book stores you find the difference apparent. You can’t view the table of contents of a book/ front & back cover of books being published by Indian publishers which is not the case with foreign publications when you visit Amazon website. It offers a free inside view of books which immensely benefit the readers to decide whether or not to purchase a particular book.

In this world of free flow of information, it is the crying need to remove this disparity by Indian Publishing companies to facilitate Indian readers to view the cursory glance of  books like Amazon is doing for foreign publications. By doing so, the prospect of marketing of good books widens.

Once you decide to buy a  book , it is prudent to compare its price from online bookstores. To do this normally you have to manually visit individual online bookstore sites which is a tedious process. It requires not only effort and time, but expertise to search from burgeoning e-commerce websites to strike a good deal.

Recently I come across a website which seamlessly does all the spade work for you from eleven online bookstores and suggest you the price along with vendors website direct links, thereby helping book lovers to get the desired books at a throw away prices. This way you could save yourself from the hard-nosed bookstore vendors.

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