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Thursday, October 18, 2012


Television is a powerful medium that goes like wild fire and garner public opinion instantly. In today's context, it's influence is wider than known horizons. Nobody knows exactly how it stealthily seeped into our lives. It made children glued to it leaving the young minds guardless to whatever the stuff that appears on that dreaded oblong box, called television.

The role of parent is  now increasingly becoming complex. It is a tight-rope walk. If you yell on children not to watch television excessively, they complain that they shall not be deprived of
freedom to choose their mode of  entertainment. One of my friends who watches television in high dose says that it provides incredibly a lot of information and entertainment. He has given it a status of "companion". His contention is that multimedia almost replaced as a source of knowledge, compare to book reading which he averses vehemently.

True to his assertion, satellite TV channels have dramatically changed the landscape of entertainment resulting children to hook to TV like never before. Any step to restrain them from watching fumes  them and sometimes torn the relationships. So the solution lies in taking a middle path by giving fair chance to children to get their slice of entertainment,  and at the same time put a tab on their habit of sitting long hours before television sets.

But the paradox is, parents  give a whip to children to sleep in time but they watch as if the rule is not applicable to them. It puts their minds in quandary and act as counter-productive.  This precedence needs to be changed by ruthlessly following the moral lesson first by parents.

From health point of view, each hour of TV viewing after you are 25 can cut 22 minutes of your lifespan, according to researchers from University of Queensland, Australia. The problem is more alarming, if the person is in sedentary job and having unhealthy eating habits.

Considering the health hazards, it is the time to redefine the way we feel about recreation. Noted personality development guru Robin Sharma says that after a tiring day at work, it is so easy to curl up on the couch and spend the next three or four hours watching television. Robin further adds that it actually makes you feel more fatigued after watching too much TV. He says that recreation must serve to re-create you. Effective recreation then must involve some pursuit that soothes your soul.

The best way to desist the children from excessive watching of TV is to spend quality time with them. We must play with them and take them to friends & relations so that their minds accord priority to relationships instead of plug and play syndrome. Another advice which may look pale but will certainly change the mindset of both children and parents is,  to have family dinner without TV on. Children must be encouraged to play physical games which not only put them in good shape but tremendously improve their brain power. So the next time when your children try to switch on TV., don't yell at them, but patiently replace their old habit with new one diligently.

Of course, grooming children is not a child play !

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