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Thursday, October 25, 2012


A lion's share of one's time is spent in official life. Therefore the ambiance surrounding your work place, specially, your desk should be carefully planned, if not, at least readjusted to make it more creative, productive all through those working hours.

The world's most creative company : Google has a very flexible system where the employees can have the liberty to decorate their desks according to their interests, so as to remain enthusiastic, creative during working hours. In fact the company has nap pods  for their employees to let exhausted employees enjoy a quick nap during afternoon hours.

Once you are in a sedentary job, you are very prone to weariness and some times no work also leads to laggardness. So, it is quite essential to keep yourself in an enthusiastic mood and not to
loose your cool. More over, it is very important to protect yourself from occasional emotional outbursts which is an activity of reptilian brain i.e. Fight or Flight. Once, we have been evolved as humans, it means we must be more contemplative in our actions.

Irrespective of gadgets you put on your desk, don't forget to put a plant or sapling, in and around your work space. Once you put a plant, it means that you put a throbbing life in front of you.

In a study conducted by researchers at Texas A& M, workers with plants in their offices showed more creativity in thinking up new ideas and approaching old problems. The studies further reveal that the employees not only increased their efficiency but also added colour and freshness to otherwise dreary office environment.

So, what you are waiting for ? Plunge into action and decorate your desk with a sapling which needs less watering to you burst into creativity.

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