When we see people in destitute or less fortunate in life, we are sympathetic towards them. But simply showing sympathy will not mitigate their miseries as they  need the required help for which we must have empathy.

Empathy means step into other’s shoes. It is just like reading their mind and thinking from their perspective. Unless we are at ground zero, we can not think at their level. The moment we think at their level, then we could establish a divine contact with them and whatever the little acts of kindness we do , not only soothe them but  also bring  tremendous satisfaction to us personally.

Understanding the problems of others and lending a patient hearing are some of the noble acts which will rise you above beastly existence.

In fact, creativity and sensitivity are twin sisters. The moment you have one, the other comes naturally to you. Having empathy reflects our degree of sensitivity and concern on fellow beings/creatures.  So we must come out from the pre-conceived mindset and start responding in a more constructive way which will leap the otherwise foggy relationships,  whether it is within family or society.

I was awe-struck when eminent Hindi film hero Aamir Khan who hosted the famous TV show " Satyamev Jayate " started crying while hearing the heart-wrenching stories of a victim in his show. In fact, my eyes were welled up with emotion when I watched the episode titled "domestic violence'. But the cynical media accused him of 'acting' and the director of program Satyajit Bhatkal brushed aside such claims and said that Aamir is a sensitive person. He cries on  regular basis even for the smallest of small things. Like Bhatkal said,  any sensitive person will be moved when he or she listens such touching stories. If that don't happen, it means that there must be something wrong inside you.

After all, we are all humans blessed with these divine qualities and those who indulge in acts of cynicism should be taught a lesson, of course with more empathy !