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Sunday, June 03, 2012


Public places are our extended homes. This truth must be sprouted into our minds before any  responsible behavior is expected.

The typical Indian mindset is a cause of concern.  Honesty is hijacked by selfishness.   The fabric of togetherness is  torn by individual interests.

Garbage is thrown in public places in a mindless fashion.    Systems fail unless  reformative attitude  first comes in the minds of people at large. 

The unmanned public toilets mirror our behaviorial deficiency.   I have seen countless instances where some people don't even pour water in public toilets saying that next user will take care. Result we could see especially  the condition of unmanned public toilets which is  worrisome and local administration is helpless.  

In Govt. townships, parks are built with adequate green  patches for the sake of dwellers, but  the upkeep of the same simply lie not in hands of agencies responsible for the same.  All users must be conscious of their responsibilities, otherwise, it only takes seconds to spoil them.

The photo appearing  in this post was taken   from  the park near to my house (Sadiq Nagar, South Delhi ) . It  is a telling narrative of how responsible we are in maintaining public places.    Such a beautiful park with a boundary wall and cemented pathways for walkers  is  totally defaced  and cluttered with garbage everywhere.  Some self-righteous people throw their left-over food at the corner of park feeling pride of feeding to birds and stray animals. 

Unless a transformation comes  in the attitude at individual level,  things may not improve  much !   

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