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Monday, April 02, 2012


Ever since the internet stormed our lives, it has changed our very DNA. This seeping revolution has turned the world into a global village and re-defined the way we seek information. The phenomenal growth of social-networking sites epitomize the kind of connected society we have, like never before.

Technology is like a double-edged sword. If we become over-dependent on it, it makes us blunt. For instance we forgot long back to make manual calculations after advent of calculators.

The immediate victims are our kids who glue to the net like never before. Though there are some parental control options, still there is an easy escape route to access pornography and other objected stuff which would cause considerable  damage to children.

The 90s changed the landscape of India as most of the companies started switching over to computer networks and hands-on experience with computers was a prerequisite at that point of time. I witnessed its growth from being a simple word processing machines to today's sophisticated online computing devices. It reached to a stage where your laptop is your virtual office and mundane chores like paying utility bills to e-shopping is simply a mouse click away.

It is quite natural to be addicted to new technologies, but there must be a lakshman rekha with regard to internet usage.

Considerable research squarely blames the habit of remaining online for long hours. The bizarre syndrome now is that youth prefer to interact with their peers through social networking sites  than face to face. Google became a household name as it has silently seeped into our lives as a friend, philosopher and adviser at every step of life. It’s motherly role for all information needs is commendable.

However, over indulgence damages relationships. A recent survey conducted by Norton Security of Symantec reveals that Indians stay connected to the Internet close to 8.4 hours a day.

The other interesting revelation that came in the survey is, 83 per cent of the respondents said they could not stay away from the Internet for more than 24 hours. Internet withdrawal symptoms struck fast when Web connection got severed, with one in two online Indians feeling the effects within the first three hours.

To free from its ill-effects, we must have a clear agenda in mind before we sit on the machine. In fact the requirement should be quantified in definite terms so that we could judiciously dispense the time at our disposal.  This kind of self-restriction would save you a lot ! 

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