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Saturday, April 21, 2012


It's been close to three years in Luyten’s 'Delhi, but no community life here. Difficult to digest, but a telling reality. The daily grind of bustled city life leaves little time to have an interactive life.

After being sickened with such frantic routine, came a day filled with joy, and the occasion was Annual Day of our Residents' Welfare Association. My second daughter Sravani stood 3rd in 100 mtrs running race conducted on that occasion. An invitation to participate in the prize-giving ceremony followed by contributory dinner  paused me   to decide. After mulling over it, I gave my nod to test the waters.

We were told to reach by 7 pm, but we arrived at around 7.30 pm believing that the programme would not start in time. Further, I thought that it is a small and routine function of an Association. But the organizers made my eyebrows raised by organizing the event in a very professional way.

Shri Ajay Maken, the then Union Minister of Youth Affairs & Sports, Govt. of India, graced the occasion and gave away the prizes to the winners. It was a glorious moment to witness my daughter taking the prize from the hands of  the  Minister. I am convinced that gracing for such a small routine function by a Union Minister has not surprised me as he is a sitting Member of Parliament of New Delhi Constituency under which our area falls.

Shri Maken nonchalantly remarked that when he being a Minister could turn up in time, then there is no convincing reason for not turning up in time by some other prize winners and their parents. Generally, we assume that our politicians come late for public meetings/ functions, but exactly the reverse has happened here. Thank God, I saved my situation by dashing to the event 15 minutes early.

What surprised me further is that my daughter voluntarily went to the organizers earlier to give her name for reciting a poem of Rabindranath Tagore on dais. Befitting to her excitement, she got a token prize for that also. I could see her little heart overwhelmed with joy.

The dinner followed by was well organized with no glitches at all. What the missing soul however is, community bond. There is no warm 'hello' by anybody. Everybody set their eyes on food. It is not a war crime to remain  that way. Most people want to respond if the other person says hello first. But the difficult question is who will extend his/her hand with a warmth hello ?

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