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Sunday, April 29, 2012


 We have seen some film personalities for whom temples have been built in their honour like Mumta Kulkarni (Hindi actress of yesteryears who also worked in South Indian films) and Kushboo (South Indian heroine of yesteryears ). It reflects how the film personalities are treated simply not like semi-gods, but Full Gods !

But the story of Krishnaiah, a retired bank manager from Sidapur in Karimnagar district of Andhra Pradesh, India is same except to the point that the person who drove him to build a temple is his own mother. He built a temple of his mother in his own land, by spending Rs. 3 lakhs and now doing daily ritual to the idol, certainly a commanding act of rarity !

His nobility for doing so comes naturally from the fact that his mother in spite of so many odds struggled hard in life after the death of his father and made him worthy of society. So according to him, his mother is like a God, to him

The other rare virtues he does have are writing her mother's name to one crore times. His routine include spending considerable time in that temple and writing poetry and stanzas on mother. As reported in news, in 2008 he accomplished his foot journey from Warangal to one temple called Koti Lingala temple in Siddhpet of Medak district (Andhra Pradesh ) which is around 370 km praying for heavenly abode of his mother who survived upto 95 years and left her body only in 2006.
Krishnaiah’s life must inspire us to treat our mothers with  dignity so that children are groomed into better citizens of tomorrow.  

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