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Sunday, March 04, 2012


Though I am an avid reader for more than a quarter of century, little I thought to write seriously. But it always remained as one of my deep passions. Though having a blog for the last so many years but  not posted even a single  article until March 2011 when a friend of mine persuaded me.   He said that  I should write something regularly so that my creative ideas will find a natural expression and those writings may inspire and benefit at least some people. In my friend's words I should contribute something to society about my insights/ experiences on life.

After being inspired with his words,  I posted my first article on my  blog on 26th March, 2011 with a pledge that I write regularly to give an outlet to my hidden potential.  A little milestone has been achieved on 30.12.13 by completing 100th article. Though I am not trained in journalism, a deep passion drove me to indulge into the hobby. The reason to choose online world/ internet as a medium is because when you are a nascent writer, initially it is a tough job to get your articles published straight away in newspapers/ magazines. Further, when you go on sending your articles to newspapers/magazines  and if they don't respond it will puncture your spirits and whatever the strength you muster to write against all odds will die down instantly.

Writing is a tough hobby which needs tremendous mental energies . It is in fact a kind of evolving into a higher self. Inspiration comes from many quarters. Some times the  inspiration comes from a young boy like  13 year old,  Aryaman Dalmia who has written a book ' Graham, Buffett & Me'.

In fact, I draw my inspiration from countless great people which include Deepak Chopra who is one of my favourite writers. He is a celebrated Indian American doctor having authored more than 60 books , several of them are New York Times Best Sellers. Initially his writing career is not glittering as there were no takers for his new concept of mind-body medicine and several medical research journals refused to publish his insights. At last he chose to bring out his research in the form of book which he self-published thereby he slowly came to limelight. Equally enchanting is the story of investment banker Chetan Bhagat who became the celebrity writer with his book 'Five Point Someone' with no journalistic background. These people became prominent writers out of blue.

When I analyze the lives of highly successful people, I find that Travelling, Reading and Writing ruled their lives. When asked about his life's ambitions after retirement from public life, Shri P. Chidambaram, a prominent politician of India told that he wants to take a serious pursuit of his three hobbies i.e. Reading, Writing and Travel .

It is true that when your basic material needs are catered, this trio should rule the life.

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