Book Exhibitions are always an important itinerary in my life. These are annual rituals in my hometown Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh, India every year.

Over the years, some great books have changed the trajectory of my life, more aptly I could say my  perception on ‘life’ . It is immaterial whether you purchase a book or not, but a visit to Book Exhibition will definitely give a gusto to the soul.

When I visit Book Fairs, I feel  that I am in pilgrimage. I suck enough enthusiasm by seeing throngs of book-lovers. While I see the books in the stalls, I look them not as inanimate objects, but as living entities.

However the thin attendance of people in my recent visit to Delhi Book Fair reminds me of people’s increasing dependence on gadgetry. In spite of   electronic books ruling the market, they could never substitute a physical  book.

When I take gaze of wonderful collection of books in my personal library , huge respect outpours from my heart. In such serene movements, I feel as if I am looking the Masters who silently inspire me.

My relationship with books is eternal. They are my friends, companions, philosophers and mentors. In short my craving for a good book is self-driven !!


The other day my daughter brought home one pamphlet which raised my eyebrows.

We generally appreciate the artistic abilities in people. More attention is drawn when such people are differently abled which I find in the pamphlet : "Indian Mouth & Foot Painting Artists, Mumbai."

The inspiring part of the story is the pearl-like handwriting of one boy named NadeemShaikh (in the photo) who has written a letter by foot. This boy was born without arms in Mumbai. From a very young age, he had to carry out the activities of daily living with his feet. He honed his artistic skills and began to draw paintings with his foot. The story of NadeemShaikh reminded me the talents of  John Milton (English poet) who became blind due to eye disease in later years, but his poetic talents did not diminish and his poem "On His Blindness" is really one of the inspiring masterpieces of his poetry. In fact the physical deformities are not an hindrance to the creative expression. They come out with flying colours inspite of all odds.

The painting works of these less privileged reminisced my own childhood when I took hours together drawing pictures of whatever I find in newspapers/ magazines. In fact, I won first prize in the drawing competition in my 10th class. Though I did not get any formal training in painting, it was my serious pursuit well after my graduation.

The turning point happened when my father's colleague one day visited our home and saw me painting. What he did at a crucial juncture contributed immensely to further hone my artistic skills. He came back to our  home with a set of brushes, poster colours and charts and presented me saying that it was his pleasure to gift them to me to encourage an upcoming artist in me. My joy found no bounds on that day. I exhausted all the materials in a matter of week by making drawings of whatever I had seen. My parents fully supported my hobby which I could never forget.

When former Prime Minister of India V.P Singh left politics, we know that he immersed into his hobby of drawing paintings. In fact painting is such a contagious hobby which brings closer to Mother Nature. There was a time when I thought of taking it as my regular career option, but somehow or other it could not materialize. But the artist inside me wants to come back. I don't know when that will happen. But every time, this quote of Norman Cousins resonates my mind : Death is not the greatest loss in life. The greatest loss is what dies inside us while we live. 


He is the mountain of wisdom. Who handed out the success sagas of great people to us. This 20th century Personality Development Guru is responsible for New Thought Movement of America. His unparalleled insights on life through his writings lift even the dud.

I came to know this great man while I was reading a book ‘ Awaken the Giant Within', the much acclaimed work of Anthony Robbins, sometime in 2004.

 Mr. Robbins needs no introduction as he is one of the America's top most personality development gurus of our times and has a reputation of conducting courses on 'Fire Walk'.  I was awestruck when I read the following fiery quote of Marden in Robbins epic book: Awaken the Giant Within :

 Deep within man dwell those slumbering powers,
powers that would astonish him that he never dreamed of
possessing; Forces that would revolutionize his life,
if aroused and put into action.

The above quote of Marden invigorated my perception of life. When it comes to his groundbreaking works, I could say that his magical words mesmerize the readers instantly to unlock their inner potential. His selective phrases and apt adjectives fit the context like colours and shades in a fabric. After I read about Marden, my level of enthusiasm grew manifold.   Marden's life story itself is very interesting. A medical doctor and successful hotelier, he devoted his career to writing inspiring books. He founded Success Magazine in 1897. Marden believes that our thoughts influence our lives and our life circumstances.

His famous books include "Pushing to the Front, Cheerfulness as a Life Power. His sublime narrating style trigger so many positive thoughts and his laborious task of culling out the wisdom of past centuries is above board. All his books are must read ones and can be freely downloadable from the internet.

After reading a few of his books, I feel that no new book need to be churned out in self help category as abundant efforts had already been made by Marden. So when you are in low spirits and searching for a pill to put you in resilient mood, turn to Marden's treasure trove.