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Friday, December 16, 2011


West Bengal   is in the  spotlight for all wrong reasons, these days.  Less than a week after 93 lives (maximum patients)  went into thin  air in AMRI Hospital fire incident in Kolkata, another tragic incident struck the State yesterday (15.12.11).  This time the death is not accidental but a case of consuming spurious liquor in South 24 Parganas district which lead to the tragic death of 167 people who are  mainly daily earners viz.  labourers, hawkers and rickshaw-pullers.   Preliminary investigations indicate that methyl alcohol toxicity caused to respiratory and cardiac failure.

This is not the case happened first time.  Past cases in some other States cast a slur on our enforcement mechanism. These recurring
incidents  are ringing alarming bells for quite  long time.  Ignorance and poverty  are root causes for death of  these hapless victims who find raw enjoyment in  taking hooch which is available cheaply.   Other than regulating such illicit liquor camps,  a  reformative approach need to be taken to go the message straight into their minds.   NGOs (Non-governmental Organizations)  should take active role in disseminating the message.  This class of people should be educated in such a way that they will not indulge in taking the low cost liquor for raw enjoyment,  but find bliss through other modes  to sooth their tired nerves.   A village level revolution would change the graph.

Sam Pitroda, the eminent technocrat who is  largely credited with communication revolution in India feels that we don't   need any  talent  either to identify the problems in India  or offer solutions for them.   What we need is  courage, confidence and guts to go forward and get it done against all odds. We must also go beyond petty complaints.   We also need new mindset to solve the complex problems.

His lecture on "Tech Adventures in a Democracy"   organized by Tehelka Newsweeks THiNK 2011 is really  mind blowing.   He says that nation building is an arduous task.    After watching  his video, a  new wisdom prevailed in me  and   my mind swelled up with patriotism.   Instead of blaming the Government for all maladies,  it is time for  a quick introspection  to do our part.  We must set apart certain time, at least in weekends to ponder about the social  ills plaguing  society and work for them so that people in our area, especially the downtrodden don't  fall prey to alcoholism and doom their lives.

 I  also think it is also high time to propagate the achievements we made so that some of our fellow citizens  who are  cynical about  our progress  will change their mindset and  fill their hearts with patriotism.    One immediate step needed at governmental level is to add a subject About India's Achievements in all elementary and high school education so that the children will  be nurtured with  high degree of patriotism  which is quintessential to make a forward march as a nation.    

 Let us  take a pledge to do something even so  little to bring a  qualitative change in that direction.

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