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Monday, December 26, 2011


When the whole world is immersed in the thick of celebrations on Christmas Day on 25.12.2011, some lesser mortals (27 people) in Nigeria were ruthlessly massacred in a sectarian violence by some Islamic militants.

Nigeria is Africa's most populous country with a staggering 155 million population. The country's population is by and large evenly divided between Muslims ( 50%) and Christians (40 %). The brutality of incident reflects the deep-rooted religious fanaticism.

Religion has risen its ugly ahead in recent times and this is not an isolated incident that occurred in a corner of the world. We are
witnessing the silent deaths of so many innocent people almost daily . Bomb incidents in religious places and shrines reflect the level of hatred feeling that may  threaten the fabric of society. In all such violence, common people always become pawns in the hands of these fanatics. It is deplorable that these fundamentalists are not valuing precious life, rather giving credence only to their dogmas.

The root cause of problem lies in wrong understanding of scriptures and religion. Instead of attitude of a seeker to know the Creator, we are conditioned by belief which is based on somebody's word rather than our own experience. Anybody is free to follow his choice of religion. You can't dictate others by force. Simply taking a birth in a particular family should not bind you to follow the religion of that family. India's secular credentials accommodate the diversity of all religions. That's why we have Sharukh Khans (married Hindu girl) and A.R. Rahmans (embraced Islam) But some vested interests play the foul game to disturb the peace and tranquillity.

Follow any religion. All great religions preach the same truth. Though the path may be different, but the destination is same. The Creator has no objection in what path you are reaching Him. Instead of understanding the scriptures in right spirit, some people are simply flaring up animosity and indulge either in killing others or laying their lives at the altar in the name of God.

This kind of diktat by the religious fundamentalists need to be condemned by all vehemently.

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