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Tuesday, December 06, 2011

International Youth Day : 12th August, 2011

Since 2000 onwards, 12th August of every year is being observed as 'International Youth Day' all over the world as per United Nation's declaration.  The theme chosen this year i.e. 2011 is ' Change Our World'.

 With a staggering 243 million population in the age group of 10-19 years, India stands tall as a country with highest youth population in the world.

 Youth symbolize energy, ambitions, and perseverance.   However, it is appalling that basic education and vocational training are still not being given adequate attention, thereby the youth are wandering rudderless settling with lesser fortune as unskilled workers and leading lives far below the standard.   We failed miserably to deliver even after 64 years of Independence.

 The nation is beleaguered with drought in most parts of the country and farmers with their failed crops are left with no option but to take their lives, because of mounting debts taken from village moneylenders on compound interest.   Orissa's Kalahandi district, Chattisgarh's Dantewada are top in line to  epitomizes the backwardness.     
 Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, the former President of India in his key note address on 3rd August, 2011 at a seminar on Skill Development said:  " It is indeed a beautiful vision to think about the youth of India and their skill development. Learning is a continuous process and empowers skill and expertise. India has to evolve a unique skill development model with employability as focus. The country's growth is dependant on the individual's growth. Also, when we are imparting the skills, we should remember that these people have dreams as well. We need to make the skills meet the dreams. And, we also need to create job generators. I would like to see skill development especially focussed on the youth. My best wishes to the members to AIF, NSDC and all the bankers for achieving success in the mission of building global skills for a globally competitive nation."

 So the Government's broad policy should center on this target group to ensure robust growth in terms of their standard of living  A perceptible change in their lives can be made by giving  thrust in  areas are like basic and vocational education,  guaranteed employment for which the Govt. needs to put in place the required infrastructure like schools, vocational training institutes etc.

 As said by Gandhiji, India is living in villages.    We need to evaluate a strategy whereby, the district should be taken as coherent unit to monitor the implementation of government schemes.   The most backward districts need some kind of priority to compete with districts of rapid progress.    Then development becomes the buzzword in our rural India and youth  would  not run towards cities for jobs, rather they  remain settle in their own areas and contribute their part to  the nation's development.

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