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Monday, November 28, 2011


After Swami Vivekananda and Swami Rama Tirtha swayed the American soil with Eastern Wisdom, it was Paramahansa Yogananda who went to US in 1920 to represent India in the international congress of Religious Liberals. Like Vivekananda did with his famous Chicago speech, Yogananda deeply engraved the Eastern Thought on American minds.

In most parts of India, everybody knows his famous book "Autobiography of Yogi' which is a very famous biography. Yogananda eloquently narrated all experiences of his life in a simple prose. The influence of Swami Vivekananda and Paramahansa Yogananda on American psyche is such that in 1930, Dr. Wendell Thomas, author and former professor at the College of the City of New York wrote a book "Hinduism Invades

Sunday, November 27, 2011


There was a time when Encyclopaedia of Britannica & Americana in their physical form adorn our libraries as the most distinct entities, and to know anything in depth, they are the authorities. During my childhood days, I use to visit libraries more often. In such visits I use to take a glimpse of these encyclopaedias and a huge respect outpours from my heart being the mankind's whole knowledge that is systematically arranged, more so, alphabetically. But the drawback of hardbound encyclopaedias is that the subject can not be updated instantly to bring out new insights/ research/ facts in sciences and humanities. At the same time, we can not escape from the fact that new information and new statistics only make the subject more holistic.

Sunday, November 20, 2011


Rural India is not dearth of talent. A strong drive to achieve put you on higher pedestal and tread a path to success. It is immaterial where you are born or your social or economic conditions that you have inherited. It only matters the quantum of fire in your belly.

Some people perish in the course of their struggle. Only few will raise to change their destiny.

Dodde Anjaneyulu belongs to the second lot. This pride of Andhra achieved his father's dream of becoming IAS in the 2010 Civil Service Exam and got 278th rank. His father who was a watchman in a sleepy village :Jammikunta in

Thursday, November 17, 2011


Honey comes  from a natural source.  So use it as an alternative to sugar.  

For a nation afflicted with 40 million diabetics, India can't take the risk  of  increasing the number further.   Healthy life style reduce the chances of  diabetes.

Intake of honey stirred with lemon juice and lukewarm water early in the morning keeps the digestive track clean.   It will also help in absorbing the excessive fat deposits in the body.  In fact honey has 20 % less calories than sugar.   Unlike sugar, honey is enriched with important minerals like calcium and iron as well as essential vitamins like B1, B2, B5, B6 and C.  It has also antioxidants.

Do you know that a honey bee makes 1/12th of teaspoon of honey in it's life time?  So friends, these are not honey words, but naked truth !
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