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Thursday, October 06, 2011


No doubt the image of India, after surfacing of 2G Spectrum scam, has severely dented our image and put us in total ignominy. However, we need to put a brave front to tackle the menace of corruption. Anna Hazare through his recent massive protest programme with youngsters as his foot soldiers almost shook the Establishment and our political masters appeared to have come to terms with the new reality and hope blossoms for brighter days ahead.

One reason why  America stood as the world leader is uncompromising patriotism of it's people and feel pride of their achievements. Over and above, their confidence to stand tall in all human endeavor made them the front-runners in all facets of human activity.

What we are lacking is that kind of patriotism the US has and we need to hone all those skills/ qualities. We need to glorify our past especially the freedom struggle and the manner in which our great leaders contributed to get independence. In fact patriotism is a daily dose of capsule that needs to be administered to every Indian to remind the sacrifice of countless people at the altar of freedom struggle. By envisioning their greatness on  consistent basis , we can keep the flame of patriotism  flickering.

The old mindset of people that their individual participation in the democracy makes a little difference should be changed. This impasse is more prevalent in the educated urban middle class who are not willing to cast even their vote. What they think is that the politics is only for a privileged few. Unless and until that attitude is changed, we can not make rapid strides.  Democracy is not a spectator sport but a participating sport, hence people’s involvement is inevitable. Right from casting of votes to gauging the performance of elected representatives to pulling out the laggards/ corrupt elements when they fail to deliver, people should play crucial role.

Another area we need attention is grooming the children in a right kind of atmosphere to fill their minds with a zeal to learn new things in life which will give wonderment at every step of their life. Exposing them to too much gadgetry will wipe out their creative abilities and they grow up more like insensitive beasts unconcerned to the societal needs. The parents should play an active role in carving out the future of their children by inculcating right values so that they graduate as responsible citizens. In the process of upbringing, the parents should stand as living examples before their children as simply preaching and teaching will not work out.

The whole education system needs to be built on these lines where the health aspects should be predominant in the syllabi so that there is no conflict between what they are taught and what they live. There is no magic wand for India to turn all malady-free overnight. A consistent value system should be embedded in the collective conscious of people so that the stated objectives could be achieved to make India as a world leader.

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