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Sunday, October 16, 2011


Ralph Waldo Emerson says that “In my walks, every man I meet is my superior in some way, and in that I learn from him.

Every human being is potentially unique in his or her way of doing things coupled with abilities and capabilities specifically endowed by the Almighty. What we have to do is make everything and everyone as a learning experience. With this mindset, I try to learn something from everybody and never feel ashamed of, because the great people already disowned what they knew.

Some people create a fire in the belly to explore your hidden potentialities. They silently do their part without grabbing much attention. Appreciating the finest things or finest people will only add something fine in your life. So, one should not be skeptic about this.

Here is a man who literally gave an ignition to me to write. He encouraged me to share my knowledge and experience.  Initially,  I took his words in a lighter vein,  but his continuous push somewhat brought a kind of energy to spread my wings.

I heard about him through a colleague. He is so generous in sharing his personal knowledge. First I spoke to him through a common friend,  and thank God I got a guy who is in  close resemblance  to my mind-set and a burning zeal to excel in personal growth.

K. Mahabub Ali who has Masters in Business Administration with specialization in Human Resources is a man more than qualified to the job for which he was appointed in Government service. The atmosphere of a Training Institute helped him to quickly accrue additional qualifications in his area of interest which include psychological counselling, journalism, Masters in English. His expertise on wide array of subjects contributed to writing articles in newspapers and magazines. More over, his valuable insights on HR issues are sought from prominent newspapers.

His empathy towards the problems of others and lending a helping hand to others is worth appreciable. A discerning man, wonderful at heart ,he lifts the spirits of demoralized to put them back on rails. A self-propelling, energetic, Mr. Ali constantly strives better in life. He is truly a fountain of immense possibilities. I learnt a lot from him and what inspired from him is the concept of 'Strokes'.

Hope his beaming wisdom help all needy !

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